Mastering Forgiveness


This online course will provide you with practical tools and concepts to aid you in releasing the feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment. Forgiveness is a gift that we give ourselves and it’s imperative that we accept that gift in order to move forward in life. Be prepared to get involved and take notes as you work through these interactive and insightful modules. You’re just a few moments away from experiencing the freedom that forgiveness can bring.



“If you are anything like I was when I began my journey, you are probably feeling a little anxious about what’s ahead. You might also be sick and tired of not being able to forgive people in your life. Trust me, you are not alone. As you prepare to take this course, I’m asking that you commit to being honest with yourself about each emotion you feel, as it relates to forgiving others and/or as it relates to forgiving yourself. I am also asking that you keep an open mind and understand that forgiveness is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible and necessary if you truly want to live your best life. I am excited and thrilled to see you thrive in your journey.” – Dr. Kecia Ashley


Module 1: Count The Cost

Have you ever considered the cost of not forgiving someone? In this module, we will explore the price of holding on to disappointment, pain, and anger, as well as why it’s stopping you from living a fulfilled life. Learn why forgiveness is essential, and important to your physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.


Module 2: What’s Eating You?

When people deal with forgiveness, there are misplaced emotions along the way. We must get to the root of the anger, identifying the people, situations, and circumstances that you feel are preventing you from being able to forgive.


Module 3: What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

We’re going to stop living the experience over and over again. More than likely, you’ve already experienced the worst, and must focus on the present, the thing you can control. We’ll explore how you can make powerful decisions in your daily life that facilitate ease, awareness, and peace.


Module 4: The Problem with Revenge

You might think that getting back at the person who hurt you, will make you feel better. But what does revenge really mean? Let’s dig deeper into your spirit, so you can explore why getting revenge isn’t the best option.


Module 5: Forgiving Yourself

Many times, we are guilty of self-inflicted wounds. Yet, we blame others for our problems. In this module, we will address the importance of acknowledging where you’re hurting and then actively forgiving yourself on a daily basis. You can move forward.


Module 6: Mindset Matters, Change the Way You Think

Once you begin your journey of forgiveness, you must learn to reprogram your mindset and speech, so that you won’t continue to relive the offense. It’s time to change the way you think, so you won’t commit the same mistakes.


Module 7: When All Else Fails

There are times in life that we must be open to accepting help from professionals. In this module, we will identify these circumstances and provide suggestions for how to obtain professional assistance.


Module 8: How to Know You Have Truly Forgiven Someone

Forgiveness starts and ends with you. Perform a self-test to see whether or not, you have truly forgiven your offender. If not, we’ll provide you with exercises to help you grow toward forgiveness.


Module 9: From Brokenness to Wholeness

Now that you have the tools to forgive, learn how to live a life of forgiveness and move from brokenness to wholeness.


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