This online course will provide you with practical tools and concepts to aid you in mastering fear, disappointment and the desire to quit. Most people experience these emotions at least one time in life. Master them, and you’ll live the life you want. As you go through the course, really get involved and take notes as you work through the interactive modules. You’re just a few moments away from experiencing the freedom of mastering fear, disappointment and the desire to quit. Let’s get started!


“Fear and disappointment can hold you back from experiencing the best that life has to offer. As you prepare to take this course, I ask you to commit to honesty about each emotion you feel as they relate to your disappointments in life. Maintain an open mind and understand that no matter how challenging it may be, mastering your fears and disappointments is necessary if you truly want to live your best life. I am here to help, strengthen, and inspire you along this journey.”  – Dr. Kecia Ashley

Module 1: Mastering Disappointment with Friends

We are born into our families, but friends are family by choice. Some people are present in your life as a blessing, and others are there as a lesson. Some are meant to be in your life as associates but not close friends. (The sooner you figure out who’s who, the better off you will be.) In this module, we will examine the different types of friends and how to deal with any disappointment you feel from them.


Module 2: Mastering Disappointment with Family

Families are built on the foundation of love, and experiencing disappointment at the hands of family members can be the most difficult disappointment to encounter. Every family dynamic is different, and every person in each family has a different story.You are not responsible for which family you are born into or the dynamics of that family, but you can contribute to make it better. This module will explore how to deal with disappointment from those closest to you; your family.


Module 3: Mastering Disappointment with Other Relationships

It is your responsibility to evaluate your relationships, but your emotional ties can make it hard. Your personal and business relationships should be foster mutually beneficial results. In this module, we will share tips on how to master disappointment in your relationships, apart from family and friends.


Module 4: Mastering Fear of Rejection and Failure

Fear is an emotion caused by the belief that something unpleasant will occur in the future. It is connected to events that may never exist. Fear weakens you, paralyzes you, and causes you to see things that aren’t there. In this module, we will explore the both the affects of fear, rejection and failure. We’ll also get acquainted with tools to overcome your fears.


Module 5: Mastering Fear of Change and Embracing the New Normal

Change is often difficult because people fight against the transformational process, instead of embracing it. Change is inevitable, and there’s no need to fight it. In this module, we will discuss how to master the fear of change and why the new normal is nothing to be afraid of.

Module 6: Mastering the Desire to Quit: The Price Tag of Giving Up

Life dishes out challenges that often inspire the desire to quit. Quitting is easy, and while it may feel good temporarily, it won’t strengthen you for future trials and tribulations in life. There is a price you will pay for quitting. This module will show you the cost, and why that price tag is too high for you to pay.


Module 7: Mastering the Desire to Quit: Overcoming Distractions

What’s a distraction? Anything that takes your focus or attention away from one thing to place it on something else. Distractions lead to lack of focus on what’s important, encouraging you to quit. This module will address the distraction issue and provide you with tools to master them.


Module 8: It’s Not Personal; It’s Business

Nothing of value ever comes easily. The moment you get over what people think and settle into who are and what you are called to do, you will begin to uncover the precious pearls of life. This concept is even more apparent in business. In this module, we will examine why it’s important to share your pearls with the right business people and never take anything personally.


Module 9: Embracing the Life You Want

Now that you have the tools to master disappointment, fear and the desire to quit you can begin to experience the life you deserve. This module will give you the final tools to strengthen your life and enhance your focus on your dreams, goals, and aspirations.


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