For those who are ready to transform not only their own lives, but also their communities, Dr. Kecia Ashley has created a rigorous coaching program to train up the leaders of tomorrow. Whether you want to improve your existing leadership skills or discover them for the first time, Dr. Ashley will give you the practical guidance you need to get out of your rut, maximize your potential, and develop leadership strategies that add value to the lives of others.

A recognized academic and Emerald Executive with Zija, a health and wellness company, Dr. Ashley draws on her experience in achieving personal and professional excellence to create a customized coaching session that will equip you as a leader with a clear sense of direction and a focused plan of action.

Topics covered:

  • Leadership skills
  • Living your best life
  • Recognizing and maximizing your potential
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Life transformation techniques
  • Adding value to the lives of others