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“God calls us not to be successful but to be significant. When we focus on Significance, success is often part of the package.”- Tom Ziglar
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Dr. Kecia M. Ashley is a phenomenal leader who encourages men and women to operate in the spirit of excellence and integrity. She believes that because God is no respect of person that every person with a dream, a plan, and a support system can excel in life. It’s God’s desire for His people to prosper.

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  • “The most successful people in life have gotten stuck at least once on the road to fulfilling their purpose, but they kept going. If you have ever experienced being stuck due to fear, disappointment, procrastination or uncertainty, Pearls for God’s Daughter is definitely for you! Dr. Ashley’s insight and transparency provide a roadmap to success.”

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    Nina Jones, Career Educator/Business Owner
  • “We’ve all heard the phrase “What God has for you, is for you”, but sometimes it’s difficult to interpret what exactly that is. Your true purpose in life is not always revealed easily. Pearls for God’s Daughter provides a blueprint to reference, as a daughter of God, through your journey of discovery and enlightenment.”

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    Stacey Diltz-Thomas, Owner, Stacey Wines
  • “As a business owner, I believe your Purpose must go beyond just making money, and sometimes finding the impact you are making with the work you do can be a difficult process. I love how Dr. Ashley helps you evaluate who you are to find your passion and purpose along with providing a realistic guide to gathering all these pearls that make you who you are so you can fulfill your destiny.”

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    Quanyin Young
  • Disappointment, situations of fear, and an occurrence of wanting to quit are all inevitable moments we will face at some point and time of our lives. Dr. Ashley’s Gather Your Pearls is an amazing resource that equips, empowers, and enlightens in so many ways to help us conquer life’s moments.


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    Dr. Jhun Cook
    Senior Pastor and Author of The Overcoming Power of Faith
  • Dr. Ashley has filled this guide for living with compassion and truth as she encourages you to live a life of purpose and healthy self-image. Filled with love, hope, and an incredible sense of purpose, Gather Your Pearls is a practical read that is sure to inspire and challenge you to see life through your best lenses.

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    Kimberly Carter
    Career Educator
  • In her literary debut, Dr. Kecia Ashley has made quite a splash. Her new book, Gather Your Pearls, shares tips on how to win in life despite the emotional obstacles that threaten our mental, physical, and spiritual health.  These principles help us to realize the value of the things, both tangible and intangible, that we possess.  She equips the reader with transformational tools that will help them gain and maintain a life of victory and peace of mind.

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    Abraham Snell
    Senior Pastor, Momentum Life Church